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Seattle Daycare Photographer

Ahh...school photos.  It invokes a funny nostalgia feeling in all of us.  As a child of the 80's it brings back memories for me of laser backgrounds, ozone depleting hair spray, and of course fighting over comb colors.  It's been awhile since I was in school, but with with Lily in daycare for most of her life she typically would get two sessions a year.  Two very canned and 'why am I spending money on this' sessions.  For most people it's hard to find time to set up photo sessions for their families so school photos were the nagging reminder that they weren't doing it and 'here's an easy way out'...even if they weren't really good.  Lily's photos were never good, and knowing I had a *cough* super photogenic child made it all the worse.

That's why Tanya and I started our own Seattle Portrait Studio division, Sugar Cloud.

Seattle Portrait Studio, Seattle Daycare Portraits

Seattle Portrait Studio
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Lily Creek

So it does actually snow in Seattle!  The other day a winter 'megastorm' blew through and dropped a whole lot of the white stuff on everything.  This was the second time we've seen snow up here since we moved a year ago and the first time it actually stuck around. Lily was elated and of course the obvious thing to do was to go visit Lily Creek in the back of our house.  'Sliding down the hill, under branch to Lily Creek' [the official Lily Creek song] to get there was a little tricky, but it was absolutely gorgeous and Lily's bright pink jacket and hat popped with all the surrounding monochromatic tones.

Snow at Lily Creek

Seattle, WA
Lily - 2 Years 3 Months / Photography by: Ian Grant [portfolio / contact]

Snow in Seattle, WA
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Headshots Seattle: Rebecca

I met with Rebecca as she's finishing up a book about the history of aerospace in Seattle and wanted a nice headshot of herself for promotion as well as the book jacket.  I think we came up with two really great final photos.  Her eyes just pop with her bright blue jacket!

Headshots Seattle, Washington

Rebecca / Photography by: Headshots Seattle

Headshots Seattle Photography
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Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa Wedding

After a magical engagement session with Erin and Christian it was time to head up into the mountains for their Lake Arrowhead Wedding at the resort and spa.  There are certain people who are simply made to be photographed and Erin and Christian fall into this category quite easily.  These two were such a joy to be around and their families were some of the kindest people we've met.  Enjoy this great Southern California mountains wedding!

Lake Arrowhead Wedding

Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa, California

Erin and Christian / Photography by: Ian Grant [portfolio / contact]

Lake Arrowhead Wedding - Ian Grant Photography
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Wedding at The Victorian, Santa Monica, CA

We're big walkers, and Tanya and I used to walk up and down Main Street in Santa Monica all the time doing a little window shopping.  The beach is right there too, so you get a little bit of everything!  Every time we'd go, we'd inevitably park right by a little old Victorian house with tons of Christmas lights in the trees and I'd think, that would be an amazing venue to shoot at.  Well, turns out I got to and it included a fun little trip around the Santa Monica sights.

The Victorian Wedding

Santa Monica

Haesung and Benny / Photography by: Ian Grant [portfolio / contact]

The Victorian Wedding in Santa Monica
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Washington Cherry Blossoms

Washington Cherry Blossoms

University of Washington, Seattle

Spring is officially here in Seattle and with it comes the famously scenic Washington Cherry Blossoms! I've been following the University of Washington Visitors Center on Facebook for awhile, keeping tabs on the Yoshino cherry tree bloom dates and seeing their day-by-day updates. In the last week after weathering a random snow storm, it was time and everything blew up into a giant carpet of pink and white. I went down early in the morning on an especially nice day for Seattle to check out the sights.

Washington Cherry Blossoms

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Camano Island

Camano Island Family Photographer

Cama Beach State Park, Washington / Lily - 15 Months

This last weekend we took a little day trip up to Camano Island which is about an hour north of Seattle to let little Lily stretch her legs.  It was a pretty typical overcast day, a little nippy and pretty windy.  This was great because we had the entire place to ourselves!    Lily took this in stride and decided to sit down, grab some rocks and try gnawing off some barnacles.

Camano Island Family Photographer
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Disneyland Engagement Photos

Disneyland Engagement Photographer / Tanya & Cam

Anaheim, California

Tanya and Cam are a perfectly adorable couple from all the way up in Lethbridge, Canada.  They have a thing for Disneyland, a serious thing.  So much that they fly down to Southern California from Canada pretty frequently to partake in all the wonders that is Disney.  Even though we never met, Tanya and I have been internet buddies for years now, going all the way back to my angst filled LiveJournal days.  Since that time we've both become successful wedding photographers, and it's been a lot of fun seeing her develop her skills and become quite successful running Tanya Plonka Photography out of Lethbridge.  She's also a crazy talented dancer I might add.

Tanya and Cam's shoot was my first at Disney, and it was exciting having such a varied and scenic backdrop to work with!  The highlight of the shoot was the Dumbo ride at sunset, so much fun and mildly nauseating to be riding backwards in giant circles!  I definitely needed a few minutes after that one.

I'm looking forward to them returning very soon as they're going to be having a gorgeous intimate wedding on the beach in Santa Monica.

Disneyland Engagement Photographer

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Photos by Ian Grant Photography, Seattle

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Lily and Her Pet Rat

Lily: 10 Months Old

Every once in awhile I like to pull out the white seamless backdrop [see 2 months / 4 months old] and let Lily be Lily.  Basically, be silly and dance around like a crazy person, preferably with her friend Ikea Rat and document the madness. You might notice a clothing/hair change up a few shots in.  Yea...Lily had a little bit of a diaper explosion on the white paper and needed a quick toss in the shower [diaper still attached].

Lily has recently been standing up a ton and just yesterday took her first steps.  She celebrated by making out with herself on our bedroom mirror.  Such is life with a baby.

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Balboa Park Engagement Session - Molly and Derick

Originally published at Los Angeles and Santa Barbara Wedding Photography Blog by Photographer Ian Grant. Please leave any comments there.

We love engagement sessions and think they're so important that we include them in every wedding photography package we offer.  They are a great way for us to get to know a couple and how they're best photographed, and it lets them get used to being in front of the camera.

A little while back we took a little trek down to the heart of San Diego to do a Balboa Park engagement session with the beautiful couple you see below!  Molly and Derick are an adorable set who we felt like we just knew forever from the start.  Not only are they super photogenic, but they're two of the warmest and most inviting people we've met.  You can just tell by the way the hold and look at each other they're just crazy about one another.

Balboa Park was a fun special place for them and it turned out to be a great shooting location as well.  Tons of little nooks and great spots right off the main street and gorgeous gardens were in full bloom.  Such a treat to find so many fun spaces in one area!

There are lots of fun things you can do with engagement sessions, from sign in books to postcards to table numbers.  Molly and Derick knew they wanted to make Save the Dates for their guests using their engagement photos.  So naturally they brought some custom street signs to the shoot [awesome!], which will later be incorporated in their wedding decor.  Note the clever use of the last names and the numbers for the date of the wedding.  The photos we go are super cute and it was a blast to hang out and learn more about this great couple.  Molly and Derick, we can't wait for the wedding!

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